Project Implementation

There is much more to implementing Electronic Health Records (EHR) than simply selecting the best EHR application software and a kiosk to use the EHR software.

Technology implementation can be overwhelming, but we can help ease the stress. We take the risk out of implementation and walk you through the process, step-by-step. Our implementation process ensures the transition is smooth and comfortable. We’ll work with you on the technology implementation by taking into account your configuration, deployment, training and support needs.

Integrated Health Systems is the ONLY Senior Living IT vendor in North America who provides a ‘Start-to-Finish’ approach for implementing an EHR system providing ‘in advance’ design and consulting and on-site implementation. Integrated Health Systems creates a partnership with facility management and staff to ensure a successful EHR project implementation and to help them avoid spending money twice.

Integrated Health Systems has over 90 years of experience in:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • EMR/EHR Implementation
  • Telemedicine Support
  • Wired/Wireless Networks (LAN/WLAN) Infrastructure Design & Installation
  • Proximity-of-Care and Point-of-Care Device Configuration & Installation
  • Project Design & Management
  • Technology Consulting

Integrated Health Systems allows the facility to become operational much faster by managing the entire project….start to finish. In addition, the Integrated Health Systems project implementation team has the specific knowledge of the local, regional, and federal regulations related to building construction, HIPAA\HITECH compliancy, and EHR implementation project compliancy.

The foundation behind successful EHR implementations begins with a designed wired and wireless infrastructure solution that can be managed.  Our technology foundation approach provides a sustainable and manageable solution to keep EHR and other business critical applications functioning.  In addition, our approach also allows systems and users to be operational and efficient by removing the complexities of poorly designed or mismanaged wired and wireless network infrastructure systems.

Transforming your technology foundation from this..

…to the Integrated Health Systems standard