APRIL 19TH, 2019


We rely on technology for just about everything these days, including keeping our businesses up and running. But, what do you do when your tech breaks? Unless you are an IT genius yourself, you hire someone. Every business has the need for IT services.

What that looks like for each business across a wide range of industries looks very different. However, what it really boils down to is should you hire a generalist or a specialist?


APRIL 16TH, 2019


When One IT Guy Isn’t Enough

From system maintenance and security, computing devices, internet circuits, WLAN, and LAN equipment, operating system updates, to Microsoft Windows patches, antivirus, malware, and security updates a senior living facility IT guy’s to-do list is never-ending.

But, what do you do when your IT workload has truly exceeded your IT staff of one? Being in this situation is actually a good one—it means your business is growing.

APRIL 4TH, 2019


Insourced vs Outsourced IT

If you’ve already established that one IT guy might not be enough to meet the needs of your senior living facility, the next move would be to determine whether you should insource or outsource your IT functions.

While most organizations agree on the significance of new technologies not all of them are sure whether it’s better to develop organizations in-house or to outsource them to experts in the field. CONTINUE READING