Integrated Systems was founded in 2001 to support voice and data technology.

In 2007, we recognized that the Senior Living industry was in need of a technology and solution provider, so we shifted our focus and developed a partnership with PointClickCare, the leader in Electronic Health Record (EHR) software in the Senior Living industry.

In 2010, we became Integrated Health Systems (IHS) and focused fully on the Senior Living, Post-Acute Care, Home Health/Hospice, and Informal Care technology markets.

IHS continues to develop new products and services that reflect the key needs and requirements of the Senior Living industry. Our products are designed for simplicity of use, maximum efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Our spotlight focus is client satisfaction, with an eye toward strengthening our client partnerships and evolving with our clients as their IT needs change.

Currently, over 1,500 skilled nursing facilities, Senior Living communities, and home health agencies use Integrated Health Systems.  With more than 82,000 users currently being supported, Integrated Health Systems is the North American healthcare IT Support Services market leader for the Senior Living industry.